Amy Studt's Paper Made Men

I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for depressed girls gone singer-songwriter, so I was delighted when former Avril Lavigne impersonator known as Amy Studt decided to become a Kate Bush impersonator with her sophomore album "My Paper Made Men".

1. Sad, Sad World
B-side to "Furniture" - alright album opener, but nothing amazing either. 6/10

2. She Ran

Distinctively average. 5/10

3. Furniture
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Sublime - perhaps a bit too sublime as it took me several listens to fully appreciate it. Doesn't really make sense to make this a single, even if they probably did it in hope that critics would latch onto it. 7/10

4. She Walks Beautiful

At five and a half minutes, this is the longest track on the album. The problem with lenghty tracks is that I usually get bored about half way in - not with this one though. It manages to keep my interest all the way through. I love the drums that kick in at 3:30. 8/10

5. One Last Cigarette
Another one of those "sublime" tracks that litter the album. It's nice enough, but I think it might be a grower. I'm pretty sure I'll regret giving it a low score, but for now it's a 6.5 with "grower potential". 6.5/10

6. Nice Boys
A proper upbeat catchy pop song with a chanting chorus proclaiming that nice boys don't last. A refreshing change of pace, even if the chorus runs a risk of getting annoying on too many listens. 7.5/10

7. Walking Out
My second favourite song on the album. She sounds eerily like Siobhán Donaghy on some parts of this song, which might be why I like it so much. 8.5/10

8. Chasing The Light
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Amy's #277 smash hit (as per Wikipedia) and the second single lifted off the album. Starts off average, but then leads into the shouty sing-a-long chorus. The added middle-8 is also a nice addition to the album version. 8/10

9. Paper Made Men
The only track that they seem to have splashed any cash on by getting Guy Sigsworth to co-write - and it paid off. Slightly weird in a Kate Bush kind of way, but that's how I like it! Best song on the album. 9/10

10. Here Lies More

I'll admit it - I'm pretty hard to impress when it comes to piano ballads, and this isn't a exception. Weak way to end the album, I would've preferred if it ended on a high note with "Paper Made Men". Maybe it's a grower, but for now - average. 5/10

Overall - it's patchy, but there's no major disasters on it. It's at least pleasant enough that it deserves more than a download-only release.

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