Bobby's Latest Flop

Bobby's one of those bands that I always tend to overlook - not because they're bad, but because you never know if they're actually together or not. After their first album Romantic & Bleeding failed to top, well, any charts in 2003, they were dropped from their record label and it looked like it was all over for them. But like the pop troopers that they are, they started their own label and released the catchy singles Come Crashing In and their highest charting hit to date, She's History (SWE #12), in 2005. Bizarrely enough, Bobby seemed to split at this point and pursue other projects as lead singer Julian started a new group called Paper Faces, which essentially is Bobby with guitars instead of a synth. The horror!

The Paper Faces

Luckily, it wasn't the end of Bobby and they once again returned in autumn 2007 with the delightful Ghost Of You Remains, which disappointingly failed to make any impact and are now set to release the lovely pop ballad Autumn Never Leaves (below). Hopefully it'll turn their chart fortunes around a bit, because it really is a nice little pop song that deserves a better fate than charting outside the top 60.

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Svennen said...

Julian har precis släppt en gratislåt på hans hemsida julianbrandt.com. Bobby har tyvärr tagit ner skylten... men man kan höra en icke släppt låt på hemsidan.