Thank You Samantha Fox

Ever since Samantha Fox had big hit with "Touch Me (I Want To Feel Your Body)" back in the 80s, it seems customary for Page 3 girls to release a craptastic single. For those in the dark what a Page 3 girl is, it's basically the third page in the popular UK gossip rag The Sun featuring women with little to no clothing on. Well, the latest one to follow Sam's footsteps is Keeley Hazell; a girl who was discovered during Page 3 Idol. Yes, you read right - there's an annual Page 3 Idol contest!

To promote her single, Keeley released a one minute snippet of the video online which can be seen below.

The full video was supposed to be put up on download a few days ago, but for some reason it never happened, which is a shame because I can't wait to see the full video! It's a bit like Britney's "Gimme More", except that it has a bigger budget.

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