Universal Poplab Is Back

Some people might remember them for having a minor blog hit with I Could Say I'm Sorry (note that you can see my limp wrist flailing around in some shots of the video!) - well, they're back with a new cd out next week called "Seeds". I'm not too impressed with the lead single "Fame & Hate", which essentially is another "fame is bad" type of track. But the current single "On The Run" impress - it's not a million miles away from their previous releases, but why change a winning concept?

Since we're on the subject, I'd like to pimp one of my favourite tracks by them from their first album - unlike most of their stuff, it isn't uptempo, but a sweet little pop ballad with hilarious lyrics about a girl who finds out that Milli Vanilli is fake and aches for big tits like Samantha Fox and Sabrina. An absolute must for any iPod!

Download - Any More Than This (*.m4a)

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