Annikafiore is fierce

I was never a huge fan of Alcazar, but for some reason I've always loved Annikafiore and thought she shat out more star quality than the other three combined. After Annikafiore left Alcazar, it seemed like she was going to retire from the pop scene altogether without much of a fuzz, but thankfully she decided to form a new band with the strange name Avatar versus Eve to unleash future pop classics with. "I've Still Got the Highest Heels in the Room" is exactly what you'd expect - a camp affair with an equally camp video of Annikafiore proudly strutting her stuff like a drag queen. Hopefully she can score herself a hit with this and show Alcazar what they're missing out on!

They also released another single called "Party People" that went unnoticed. Probably because it's slightly crap. You can listen to it here

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Mike said...

OMG - two posts in two days!

I like the song a lot, which is strange because I HATE Alcazar.