Heavy Vee's Got Talent

I'm sorry if I sound a bit upset, but I'm stunned at the fact that my phone wasn't filled with texts and missed phone calls about the Rapper of our Times, also known as Heavy Vee, showing America that she's Got Talent! Yes, the infamous "I Don't Need A Hook" rapper stood in front of the legendary David Hasselhoff, the ugly old hag and plastic surgery victim Sharon Osbourne and some other guy and showed them her best hip-hop dance! Of course the judges were being complete and total haters, but I wouldn't expect them to understand the brilliance of miss Vee. 

Bask in her glory below:

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Mike said...

Heavy Vee is amazing! Fuck those haters! How on earth is the Hoff judging a talent show and that dried up old Osborne CUNT? Only in America.