She's Back!

Freestyle Goddess Debbie Deb is back! Well, apparently she's been back since January, but it's news to me at least. While "Everytime You Come Around" isn't as genius as "Lookout Weekend" or matches the lyrical brilliance of "went to the disco / couldn't believe my eyes / looked on the dancefloor / saw SO many guys", it's still a nice enough record that certainly deserves a higher popularity bar than the current zero it has on US iTunes. I would've at least thought the internet fags would've championed this, but alas. 

Here it is in it's low-quality YouTube glory - if you like it, buy it and support an old timer:


Mike said...

Wow! I love it - cheap and trashy! How come this stunning comeback is so under-publicised? Welcome back, Debbie Deb!

tommie said...

I honestly have no idea Mike, you'd think all the fag bloggers would go all screamy bottom queeny over this, but I guess not! Shame.