The Sound of Missing You

Usually, most forums I visit tend to worship the same boring run-of-the-mill "divas", but every now and again someone happens to discover something great. "The Sound of Missing You" is seemingly the debut single of emerging dance diva Ameerah - while it's hardly groundbreaking in it's genre, it's a well-crafted dance/pop tune with competent vocals. 

The Dave Ramone remix does its job nicely, but the true stand-out in the single package is the Candlelight mix that just further proves what a great song this is. If there's any justice in this world, this'll be this summer's big cross-over tune, but I fear they might've waited too long to release this for it to happen. In any case I'll keep watching Ameerah, because I have a feeling there's a new dance diva in town, so those other bitches better watch out!

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