Stuff I like, week 29

Oh wow, it's been a long time since I updated this blog, no excuses for that really as I can't even lie that I've been busy (if you don't count trolling forums as a meaningful activity)! Anyway, to my surprise there's been a lot of great music released in the past few months which is unusual as I rarely tend to follow 'current' music.

La Toya Jackson - Home

The Jackson family's very own backdoor rubber has been 'Startin' Over' for so long that I don't even think she remembers what she's starting over from! Post-Michael La Toya has been on a publicity rampage, first acting as a private detective when it comes to the Murder of Michael and now releasing a re-jigged 'Home'. Hey, if Chris Brown and his wife-beating entourage can release a horrible cash-in tune, then why can't La Toya release a tribute?
I'm just praying for ultra-tacky remixes...

Listen to it on Bungalo's website

Shakira - SheWolf

I've never been a huge fan of Shakira, but SheWolf is weirdly addictive. It's a shame that MadTv was canned as they'd have a field day with this following their Whenever, Wherever and Obsession parodies! How the hell do you become 'abused as a coffee machine in an office' anyway? I didn't even know that office coffee machines were abused in the first place! Do workers kick on it or something? I think Shakira's touched on a vital issue here.

Listen to it on YouToob

SQUARE1 featuring Siobhán Donaghy - Styfling

Poor Siobhán - probably the most musically talented ex Sugababe seems destined to have flop after flop and this is no exception. I wasn't too keen on this when it first appeared on MySpace two (!) years ago, but it's grown on me. Dark and plodding electronic beats with Siobhán's beautiful voice on top can't go wrong for me I guess. Too bad she doesn't know how to spell stifling.

Listen to it on YouToob

Sally Shapiro - Love In July

Usually, when an artist claims they don't want to be a pop star you usually see the glimmer of desperation twinkle in their eyes going "LOVE ME I'M SO CREDIBLE LULZ" and you kind of come to the conclusion that they're a douchebag. However, in Sally Shapiro's case she literally does not want to be a pop star and is just serving as a muse to producer Johan Agebjörn. The critically acclaimed 'Disco Romance' was always going to be hard to follow-up, but if 'Miracle'  and 'Love In July' are any kind of indication, I think they've done a bang up job doing so. Accompained by a saccharine video, 'Love In July' is sure to be another underground 'hit' for Sally. 

Watch it on YouToob

Bananarama - Love Comes

There are two ways to look at Bananarama these days - either you compare them to what they used to be in the 80s, in which case they're obviously shit, or you can compare them to current girl groups, in which case they're amazing in comparison. I doubt Love Comes will be bothering the top 20, but it's always nice to have them back and I can't wait to learn the half-arsed dance routine to this one.

Lockout featuring Chenai - Bounce

Cheap, slightly crap and released on AATW; in other words I love it! Chenai was supposedly on X-Factor, but no one seems to remember her. Who ever she is, she's at least putting Dannii to shame with her fabulous boob jiggle! Actually, thinking about it, she kind of reminds me Dannii's lesbian lover Jupiter. I begin to wonder...


Mike said...

You bare the laziest blogger in history, leabing us hanging for over a year. I look forward to your next post in 2011.

tommie said...

LOL. I have a few posts planned before I fuck off to Start Over in 2024.