Fuck You. Fuck You Very Much.

"Dolba, that fucking cunt!" she snarls as if she's phoned La Toya's psychic hot line to find out about YouTube's invention a decade later. "No nice feelings right now!" she explains as she goes to bash the artist that won her prize! Who am I talking about? Who else would I be talking about but Sweden's favourite hot mess miss Leila K and her infamous Swedish rockumentary "Fuck You, Fuck You Very Much"! 

Hi! This is the movie star, Leila. Call me back later. It's 11:30 now. We have to talk. Did you see the papers? I did not piss on the floor!
The majority of the documentary focuses on an incident that Leila claims was invented by the media - namely her pissing on the floor at the Swedish Grammies! Leila explains to the producer that she only does stuff that she thinks "is fun" when drunk and pissing on a floor? Nope, not one of them!

This leads to my favourite moments of the movie - Leila and a journalist from said Swedish tabloid trying to get the facts straight. During the interview miss K mocks, swears, pretends not to understand, drinks a bit and is just generally fabulous!  Of course - that interview left no party satisfied and Leila decides to go ahead and sue them for the piss story! 

At the beginning, Leila talks about how she envisions a big trial with her entering in Alexis Carrington-esque outfits each day of the week. She talks about how she can't be bought by money, only to end in Leila K (now in a blonde wig and cholita-esque make-up) accepting their settlement just because she's "short of cash". While Leila wasn't legally supposed to talk about it - ever, it does seem like she got the last laugh as it's all aired out in this documentary; with no consequences! 

Despite me going on about the trash factor of this documentary, this does touch on a some very vital issues today - would Leila K be treated that way if she wasn't a woman - or a muslim for that matter? I doubt anyone would ask Mick Jagger to go down from a table when posing for a photographer!

At the end of the day I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about Leila K and how badly treated she was by the Swedish media or if you just need a 50 minute lesson in "How To Be A Rock Star". 

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Mike said...

Leila is too fierce for words. She is seriously on her own level of fabulousity. I just hope she stages a magnificent comeback and puts all the other bitches back in their box.

Dolba/Dilba is a CUNT!