It should've been Petra

As desperate record execs continue to try and push Little Too Big Budget For These Boots as the next Kylie I can't help thinking that it should've been Petra - or September as most people know her by. While the incredibly plain "Remedy" is being hammered on radio and soaring up the charts, poor September's (digital-only?) debut UK album looks set to miss the top 200 completely, with the cancelled lead single Until I Die only breaking the iTunes dance charts. So what the hell went wrong?

One could argue that waiting almost an entire year to follow-up the (what looks set to be her only) hit "Cry For You" was a huge mistake - I can't help to feel that Hard2Beat and AATW should've worked something out and re-released "Satellites" in the UK between รก la Cascada and "Miracle". While it didn't work out the first time AATW tried to push it in the UK, I do think it would've worked out better the second time around as Radio One would've probably playlisted anything September put out at that point. 

Then there's the issue of the remix of "Can't Get Over" - I've personally never been a huge fan of the original as it's always felt a bit too disjointed to me. The UK radio mix is okay, if a bit chavved up, I can't help to feel that the Dave Ramone mix might've been a bit of a better match as it keeps the feeling of the original, while making it seem less like two songs scrapped together. 

Nevertheless, remix or not - it's pretty safe to say that after "Can't Get Over" barely hit the top 15 in the UK things started taking a turn to the UK pop dumpster for September. Hard2Beat seemingly didn't want to invest in a new video for "Leave It All Behind" (the buzz is that it was deemed 'too camp') and decided to go with one of her recent Swedish hits "Until I Die" and just re-edit the video to fit the slight remix. Then Radio One decided not to playlist it and instead of just releasing it and seeing what happens, Hard2Beat decides to cancel the single all-together two weeks before release and only put out the album as a digital-only release. And here we are.

It's such a shame that both record execs and the music press has decided to push Little Too Big Boots To Fill as the next Kylie to a largely indifferent public, when I really think Petra has all it takes - she can sing, do cheesy robot moves and has a genuine love for unpretentious dancey pop music - ie she actually fits the criteria that most gays love Kylie for. 

Oh well, at least it means more September for me, so it's all good! 

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Mike said...

Spot on and fabulous! I love Petra and I'm hella annoyed by how she's been treated. Apparently they are still going with the third single in Australia so she's having some $ucce$$ outside Sweden!