Man on a Mission

It's been over a year since I last checked in with Bobby and quelle surprise - it seems like they've split up again, this time supposedly for good. Julian Brandt, the mastermind behind Bobby, has seemingly moved on to try his luck at a  solo career; of course, it has, so far, made no whatsoever impact, but that doesn't really say anything about the quality of the music!

"State of Anxiety" was seemingly his first release as a solo artist, which is available as a free download on his website. He followed that up with the catchy number "Looks & Talent (Don't Always Go Together)" in March. This brings us to his latest release - "Love Can Turn Us Blind" featuring 2002 Big Brother winner Kitty.

While it hasn't garnered great reviews, I think they've been slightly unfair. It's a dreamy synth pop track that does what it sets out to do nicely. Which brings me to my other point - what the hell does Julian Brandt have to do to get any appreciation from all these scandipop bloggers?! It seems like unless you've got a vagina you go can kiss any type of blog hype goodbye. Maybe a shiny new cunt would at least bring him some success?

Nevertheless, both EPs are available on iTunes worldwide, so if you like it, buy it and support the independent. 

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Mike said...

Kitty has a face like a dog's arsehole but the song is quite nice. Unfortunately, it just sounds like every other track coming out of Scandinavia. However, as you say, that's never stopped the Scandipop bloggers having a circle jerk - so why not include this dude?