Norway's Got Talent

Since the fabulous and multi-talented Bionda decided to retire from churning out amazing pop songs like "Summer Love" and "Forget Me, Forget Me Not" to popping out babies, I've been desperately searching for someone to fill that massive void Bionda left on the scandipop music scene - well it seems like the answer was just a country away in the form of the amazingly talented Aylar Lie! 

Ms. Lie might be most famous these days for her participation in the Basshunter videos, but she had quite an amazing career before Hard2Beat snatched her up - first gaining notoriety for being kicked out of the Miss Norway competition due to her participating in such classic movies like "Little White Chicks... Big Black Monster Dicks 17" and "Cum Dumpsters 3". It's obvious that they were just sex-starved haters!

Not letting this minor set back discourage her, she continued forging herself a name in the Norwegian tabloid scene by appearing in Big Brother, getting her tits out for mens magazines and most importantly, releasing her own debut single. It seems like Aylar got bitten by the music bug as she decided to unleash her own cover of Sabrina's "Boys Boys Boys" in 2006! 

Pure class and talent!

I'm not sure what's going on with Aylar Lie's current music career, but I pray that she won't give up like Bionda did! We need her - I need her! One can only listen to her massive one "hit" on repeat for so long; hopefully Basshunter can, uhm, dump some hits on her.

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Mike said...

What a stunner! I demand more!